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There isn’t a 20th century fashion decade that embodied femininity in women and masculinity in men like clothing of the s. From bias cut dresses for women or broad-shouldered suits for men, s style clothing is a unique style that has revived in recent years.

Fashion of the s brought a softer, more feminine look back after a decade of drop-waist flapper styles. Find your flirty ‘30s dresses, shoes and accessories in the s Collection at Unique Vintage. s Style Brown Autumn Floral Izzy Swing Dress.

Our vintage style dresses are inspired by original garments, photographs or patterns from the s, s, s, s & 60s. 30s Joanie Bias Cut Dress - Sumptuous Print Satin. 40s Grable Tea Dress - Rust.

We're delighted to bring you this selection of s women's vintage clothing. Bias cut gowns with exquisite silhouettes, s vintage sportswear and 30s work.