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Jul 12, Living in Romania for the past months I can say that here girls shave even more body parts (a bit too extreme in my opinion but, hey it's their choice) like the hair.

Oct 14, I'm a Japanese girl, but my type is not Asian, but European and American. Though it's not so Do you think, I should shave all only for Western's standard?.

Jun 20, As a freelance writer, I can work wherever I have a decent Internet connection. ( So, my parents' house, no, but most of Europe, yes.) Simone Biles Is Now the Most Decorated Gymnast Ever—Female or Male . A) I have a travel-size razor that's so small shaving my legs takes forever, B) showers in Paris.

May 6, But is a wet shave with a razor the best a European woman can get, too? As the female shaving industry in the U.S. booms -- with sales rising.