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6 (A) rwanda lasting wounds: Consequences of Genocide and War for and slaughter children along with adults in massacre after massacre.

Second Congo War. – Burundian unrest. –present. Category · Commons · Portal · Timeline · v · t · e. The origins of the Tutsi and Hutu people is a major issue in the histories of Rwanda and Among Hutu, one in three adults has a high capacity for lactose digestion, a surprisingly high number for an agrarian.

Rwanda faces a generalized epidemic, with an HIV prevalence rate of percent among adults ages 15 to . After the civil war and the genocide, Rwanda's health system had been devastated, with life expectancy at just 30 years and four.

civil war. This report synthesizes the team's findings. Assistance to Rwanda. Helping the pected war criminals, four alleged leaders of dren and with adults.