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People have used enema solutions for centuries to treat constipation, bowel issues, and to cleanse their colon. But the benefits of enemas stretch even further in.

An enema, also known as a clyster, is an injection of fluid into the lower bowel by way of the . As an enema for constipation, the recommended adult dose is mL of % solution, administered once. .. was invented, this being a disposable squeeze bottle with contents that cause the body to draw water into the colon.

An oil retention enema ( mL vegetable oil), followed by a tap water enema ( mL/day), . Enemas can also be buffered with a sodium phosphate solution to draw additional water Abdominal (gastrointestinal tract) tuberculosis in adults.

Care guide for Fleet Enema (Discharge Care). Children 12 years or older may use the adult enema. All illustrations and images included in CareNotes® are the copyrighted property of A.D.A.M., Inc. or IBM Watson Health.